Neos beta 0.8 update


This is the most important major update to date. It transformed Neos into a more user friendly, fun experience for everyone and made its powerful creative tools and the things created with them accessible to more users. If you haven’t checked out Neos in a while, now would be a good time to hop on!

Neos VR is built to be like the real world, but without the pesky laws of physics! Meet your friends and coworkers no matter where they are, explore worlds created by the community and import your own models, videos, images, audio files and more, all in realtime.

Get ready player one!

  • Effortless Collaboration

  • Hardware Agnostic

  • Tangible Tools

  • File Importer

  • Layers And Multitasking

  • Powerful Cloud

  • Custom Code Support

  • Made With Love

  • ✓ Undo/Redo
  • ✓ Friends & Messaging
  • ✓ Play Mode
  • ✓ Physical Locomotion
  • ✓ Neos Hub Update
  • Performance Optimizations
  • Oculus Quest Build

Upcoming Features

Neos features to look forward in the near term

  • ✓ NCR Transactions
  • Neos Jobs Marketplace
  • Neos Store Marketplace
  • Sketchfab API Integration
  • License Tracking Component
  • Multi Language Support
  • Magic Leap Build
  • Rigidbody Physics (Cars)
  • Easy Streaming
  • Web Browser
  • Screen Share
  • Mesh Editor
  • Terrain Editor
  • Animation System

For full list of features being worked on, please see our GitHub page

You can help us get there faster by supporting development of Neos on Patreon or participating in the Neos Credits (White Paper including the Neos Master Plan) cryptocurrency token sale:


Neos Credits ICO

Ethereum Minting Address*


NCR minting price this batch: 0.0005351.. ETH ~$0.0714

Next Batch: +1.25% minting price ~$0.0723

Minting Batch Number: 15/500

Batch Progress: 58,772.61 / 100,000 NCR

Total minted so far: 1,458,772.61 NCR

Minted trough Ethereum: 1,369,962.61 NCR

Minted trough Patreon: 88,810.00 NCR

* Please send Ethereum only from wallet able to receive Neos Credits ERC20 token (e.g. not directly from exchanges). By sending Ethereum to this address, you agree to all terms in the Neos White Paper.


Exchanges trading NCR: ForkDelta
ERC20 wallets: MetaMask, Ethereum Mist

Neos Community

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