Advanced Neos Avatars

9 July 2019

Neos Avatars now feature advanced features like universal finger tracking, eye tracking, full body tracking and, thanks to blenshape/visme integration, expressive facial capabilities complete with audio analysis for generating mouth movements while talking.

Advanced avatars and tools for their easy in-verse setup are part of a larger continuing effort to make Neos accessible and attractive to more users of all backgrounds.

Sydney Human Factors Research

13 April 2019

Professor Hamish MacDougall and his amazing Sydney Human Factors Research team are doing inspiring research work directly in virtual reality, applied to real life use cases. Giving inspiring talks to students just starting with VR, even if they happen to be on the opposite side of the planet.

Neos empowers research and applications at University of Sydney, Czech Technical University, University of Life Sciences Prague, Weizmann Institute of Science, companies such as PwC, Siemens and others.

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For full list of features being worked on, please see our GitHub page.

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