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    Hello NEOS inhabitants,
    I was looking at the Neos Devlog # 7 to be found under Neos Alpha 0.1.2
    In this video Frooxius is talking about Android support.
    The reason to revisit this video blog was to get some answers on
    how to go about implementing a second screen (on a tablet)
    into a VR experience.
    This would help tremendously when explaining NEOS to visitors
    in my studio, especially to bystanders while wearing the Vive HMD myself.

    I have HTC trackers now and like to attach one of them on the back of my android device
    in order to have the screen updated in accordance with the tracking-data.

    It is clear to me that sooner or later it will end up as part of the Neos GUI.
    However I really would appreciate it if somebody could point to an approach or even better some sort of tutorial
    Anybody with some hands on experience willing to share the expertise?

    Thanks, Fred

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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