World Engine

Early Alpha Warning: No Content Persistence Guaranteed, Use At Your Own Risk

Latest Features

We dare you not to imagine the unbelievable things people will do and create with these powerful tools

Future minds blown

Devlog 5

Saving Worlds

Saving worlds allows creators to share and load their beautiful creations even after the session ends. Duh

World Orbs

After you save a world, it becomes a physical bubble ball you can give someone, trash, clone, put in public space or enter with your friends. Just like in real life right

360 Sphere Preview

A new kind of 360 sphere view used for high angle situations. Not as realistic as default Neos 360 shader, but great for automatically generated previews of saved worlds

Zero Eyecandy

That’s right, to make development faster we made zero effort to make the experience pretty to your eye. Do not despair, it’s coming

Alpha Announcement

So we announced public early Alpha to take place this Saturday. Let’s see if we can make it 🙂

Devlog 4

Recording 360 Video

Much Video
360 Wow
Very Field of View

Devlog 3

Parallel Worlds

Being in multiple worlds at once seems weird and unnecessary. Especially weird for it to one of key paradigms of VR engine.

Well, it seemed unnecessary for personal computers to do multitasking way back…

Trans-Dimensional Clipboard

You are used to copy text and other content on your pc and mobile on a daily basis. Since everything is an physical object in Neos, why not to have a physical clipboard

Devlog 2

File Browser

Some people still use legacy files instead of virtual physical objects on their computers and phones. So we made it easy to browse and import those legacy items

Devlog 1

Low Bandwith

Few people believed you could synchronize complex virtual worlds with this little bandwidth. Thanks to a very smart engine design, the bandwidth you see is mostly speech codec stream. Neos synchronization would probably work even trough a legacy Dial-Up modem with speech codec set to “talking trough a toilet pipe” quality



First public video of Neos multiplayer, those were the times. This will be probably shown in documentaries on how the third computing revolution started or something 🙂

Neos Masterplan

Three years ago, we’ve laid out a plan on how to make VR/AR content awesome

As easy to make as in Minecraft, as plentiful as on Youtube, as collaborative as Google Docs, as intuitive as Real Life

What is Neos, the short version

Neos is a world engine designed primarily for virtual reality.
At its core is a generic synchronization engine – a system using novel approach to network synchronization to make development of multiplayer social experiences and behaviors effortless and a lot more scalable, allowing to build more complex and plentiful experiences.
On top of this engine is a set of layers and concepts providing tools and interfaces to build content for VR from within VR and in multiplayer. These concepts try to rethink how design and game development should look like, instead of just trying to port existing approaches from a computer screen into the VR space.

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