A new way to Do|Experience

Neos immersive virtual environments go beyond what's possible in real ones due to laws of economics and physics.
Instant travel. Massive multiplayer. Free world scaling. Advanced avatars. Natural interactions. Beautiful dynamic worlds.
Creative tools for in-world content creation. Content import tools. Unlimited potential.

Neos for Education

Learning trough personal experiences creates long term knowledge in a way that's less abstract and more natural to the human brain. Immersive nature of virtual reality and Neos multiuser collaborative software with easy content creation tools is a match made in heaven when it comes to VR education. We're creating toolsets for content creators and example experiences.

Travel trough the human body, wittiness creation of stars and galaxies or meet the greatest scientists in history. Welcome to a better education experience.

See early pilot classroom video

Neos Fair and Expo

Physical Science Fairs and Expo events in general are available only to a limited number of visitors during small time periods. Their easily created virtual iterations can be visited by a much larger additional audience from all over the world without the need of physical transportation.

We focus on intuitive booth creation experience for exhibitors. Neos features drag and drop 2D/3D/audio/video content import, automated avatar creation, prerecorded presentation capabilities and integrated feedback/messaging/judging systems.

See Neos Fair introduction video

Neos for Work

Our international team builds Neos in a virtual office and multiple test environments powered by Neos itself. We can do more in less time thanks to smart intuitive tools and a great engine that takes care of all underling tasks, file management and data flows.

We're looking forward to make this collaborative experience available to everyone.

Neos Home Experience

Explore beautiful worlds and immersive games. Have fun with friends. Turn on your creativity and create experiences for others to explore.

A whole new set of possibilities that will make you life easier and better awaits.

Neos Closed Beta Testing starts soon. Register now!